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We have a number of categories, including Essays, Novel Gazing, Recommended Reading, and The Commuter. Please scroll down for information and guidelines on the category you are interested in.

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Recommended Reading General Fiction SubmissionsOpen Monday, July 26th (12:00am) through Sunday, August 1st (11:59pm)

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  • Recommended Reading publishes fiction between 2,000 and 10,000 words. (For fiction shorter than 2,000 words, check for open submission periods to The Commuter.)
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted but please notify us immediately if a piece is accepted elsewhere.
  • Response time is three to eight months.
  • Upon acceptance, we can offer authors $300 for publishing rights.
  • During the general submissions periods, writers may submit one piece per opening period. (This does not apply to year-round submitting members. For more information on member submissions, please refer to the welcome email you received when you signed up as a member or reach out to alyssa@electricliterature.com.)

For candid advice from our editors on how to polish your first pages and revise your work, check out our "Submission Roulette II" event and our video "How to Get Published in Recommended Reading." 

The Commuter—Open for PROSE, POETRY, and GRAPHIC NARRATIVE submissions Monday, June 21, 2021 (12:00am) through Sunday, June 27th, 2021 (11:59pm)

Members of Electric Literature can submit year-round. Join today!

The Commuter is our home for poetry, flash, graphic, and experimental narratives. It publishes weekly on Monday morning, and has showcased the likes of Caroline Hadilaksono, Aleksandar Hemon, Jonathan Lethem, Lindsay Hunter, Tahirah Alexander Green, and Julia Wertz.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind:   

  • For Prose, submit one or more pieces, either standalone or connected, in a single document. The total word count should not exceed 1500 words. We encourage writers to push the boundaries of what is considered fiction.
  • For Poetry, submit 4–6 poems in a single document, and please limit the page count to 8. Keep in mind that due to our digital platform, not all poems may render exactly as they appear in a PDF.
  • For Graphic Narrative, we are interested in both traditional and non-traditional forms of visual storytelling. Submit up to 3 pieces of narrative illustration, comics, mixed media narrative, or genre-negative oddments. For comics, each piece should contain a minimum of 3 panels. The total page count of your submission should not exceed 20 pages.
  • Please submit all genres in .doc, .docx, or PDF. 
  • Please submit only once per category.
  • Please include your email address.
  • If your work is selected, we can offer a total payment of $100.

All submissions will be accepted through our Submittable page. For a sense of the kind of work we publish, check out recent issues of The Commuter, our 280-character contest winners, and Recommended Reading’s 300th issue.

For candid advice from our editors on how to make your poems, flash, graphic, and experimental narratives stand out, watch our video "How to Get Published in The Commuter." 


Electric Literature's essays examine books and culture through a personal and critical lens. For greater accessibility, Electric Lit does not require full submissions on spec. Instead, email a detailed pitch to editors@electricliterature.com. Pitches should describe the subject matter of the essay (which must be about books, writing, or narrative media like movies, games, and TV) and give a sense of the argument you plan to make or the story you plan to tell. We welcome thoughtful considerations of new releases, overlooked classics, childhood favorites—anything that can illuminate or be illuminated by the human experience. Requests for Electric Literature to cover your book or your client's book are not considered pitches. If your story is immediately time-sensitive or news-responsive, indicate this in your subject line; otherwise, please wait at least a week to follow up.

For candid advice from our editors on how to make your pitches stand out, watch our video "How to Pitch Electric Lit." 

Submissions open July 26th.

NOTE: If you have a submission still under consideration from our previous submission period in January, feel free to submit again during our July/August window.

Recommended Reading, a magazine by Electric Literature, publishes one story a week, each chosen by today’s best authors and editors. Recommended Reading only considers previously unpublished fiction, including publication on your personal website. Submissions will be open Monday, July 26th (12:00pm) to Sunday, August 1st (11:59pm). 

Before submitting, please take some time to read Recommended Reading, especially those recommended by Electric Literature, in which we showcase original fiction. Recommended Reading publishes fiction ranging in length from 2,000 to 10,000 words, and pays each contributor $300. We accept simultaneous submissions, but if your story is accepted elsewhere, please withdraw it immediately through the Submittable system. We can only consider one story by an author at any given time. Response time is three to eight months.

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